Friday, December 7, 2007


My old Cuisinart served me well for 30 years. As I was whipping up the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, the filling was oozing out of the crack in the work bowl. It was time to replace my favorite kitchen appliance. Internet research gave me the facts: there are only 3 food processors to buy -- the KitchenAid 750, the Cuisinart Custom Pro 11-cup, or the Cuisinart 14-cup Power Prep Plus. There simply are no others to even consider. The Custom Pro 11-cup was the top choice for pastries and pie crusts because the pulse mechanism stops in 2 seconds, supposedly making a huge difference with pastry doughs. Next, the price shopping. Costco offered the Custom Pro with "added value." The added value was an extra work bowl and your choice of either a pizza pan with cutter or a storage unit for the discs. Their model only came in stainless steel/black, which was perfect for my kitchen. I was sold. Because we purchased it Thanksgiving Saturday, we got the special price of $129.95 + tax. Unbeatable, or so I thought. When I got it home, I was surprised to see that the work bowl was smaller than my old work bowl. I mistakenly thought I had a 7-cup work bowl because my old model was the DLC-7. Then I went to my Cuisinart file and looked at my records. What I had was a 14-cup model of the DLC-7. It was the perfect size. I thought I had a 7-cup model and that I was upgrading to the 11-cup. In reality I was downgrading to the 11-cup! Well, it's too late now. I've already used it. I won't be able to make large cheesecakes in it like I did in my 14-cup, but it will be ok. And I do have a 6-quart KitchenAid stand mixer to make the cheesecakes in. At my age, I doubt I'll ever replace it. If someone makes me a good offer on it, though, I will sell it and buy the 14-cup model.

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