Saturday, February 7, 2009


I have a favorite homemade pizza sauce, but there are some times when I'm just not up to more cooking. My "pizza expert" hubby says that most pizzerias just open a can of commercial tomato sauce and spoon it on their crust. So I decided to go that route. What could it hurt?
Our favorite tomato sauce is Contadina. Contadina tomatoes are milder with deep flavor. I bought an 8 oz. can for 53 cents.
This is a thin sauce, and 4 oz. (1/2 can) will cover a 12" pizza crust nicely. Spoon it out carefully.
Sprinkle the sauce with crushed basil and oregano to your liking. Top with your favorite cheeses and toppings.
Though I still like Wolfgang Puck's pizza sauce the best, you can't beat this for easy.


Cheri Sicard said...

That's a great idea for busy nights. I usually make 2 pizza doughs at one and keep one the fridge for another night. This is a perfect accompaniment.

Shanbanan said...

I usually put one can of tomato sauce and one can of tomato paste in a pot to heat and mix. Then I add oregano, marjoram, garlic salt, basil, and red pepper. Smashing good!

Judy said...

Shanbanan - thanks for that recipe, it sounds like a good one.