Thursday, September 6, 2012



We planted too much basil this year.  I’ve given tons away, used it in cooking and salads and made basil pesto, and I still have basil coming out my ears.  We decided to do something.  We cut off a bunch of stems, pulled off the leaves, then rinsed and dried them. 009

Hubby cut the basil in smaller pieces with kitchen shears.010
Then he laid them on a window screen that he first washed. 028

Up to the attic they went for about 2 weeks.  The result?  Dried basil that looks, smells and tastes just like the dried basil you find in a store.  Except for one thing:  this basil has not been irradiated like McCormick’s.  Now he’s drying more to give away.  037


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I have not tried basil but for my bay leaves I use the microwave to dry. A little at a time until they look just right. Have a good Sunday Diane

Judy said...

Thanks, Diane, for that great tip!