Monday, May 6, 2013


Perfect pillow = perfect sleep.  Well, not always.  It's more complicated than that.  Speaking as a long-time insomnia sufferer, sleep can be affected in a variety of ways.  I had fixed all the major causes of my insomnia (copper poisoning, carb overload, magnesium deficiency, lack of exercise).  Once I got all that under control, I was left with the pillow problem.  I just couldn't find one that didn't give me a pain in the neck, literally.
A 1979 car wreck left me with a neck problem.  After trying all the pillows out there, I decided to give up looking and just hold on to my old, flattened shred of a pillow that was no longer a pillow.  There was no loft left, no softness, no comfort.  In short, I was miserable.  I was able to get a night's sleep, but I wanted a new pillow and couldn't find one.

Then my hubby, a bored retiree who has discovered the internet, who also needed a new pillow, found Sweet Spot Pillow.  He ordered a queen-size pillow with regular support and loved it from day 1.  Soon he was telling everyone about his new pillow, and others were purchasing it and loving it as well.  Skeptically, I decided to try his and was surprised at how comfortable it was.  So I decided to order one.

The Sweet Spot Pillow is available in different sizes and different support models so you can customize your pillow to your needs.  The website has "The Pillow Advisor" to help you make your selection, but because of what I'd been through with my neck, I needed more help.  So I contacted customer service.  The end result is that I now have a low-profile standard pillow, and I've never been happier.  I can rest easy because my neck does not hurt when I go to bed.  In fact, I'm so happy with this pillow, I just had to give Sweet Spot Pillow a shout-out.  If you need a new pillow, try them out.

Full disclosure:  I have not been compensated in any way for this endorsement.  I was not asked to make this endorsement, it was completely my idea, just sharing the love.


Amy said...

Oh...I have my own special pillow too. I love mind because my next doesn't hurt after sleeping in one. But the thing is, I need to take it with me where ever I travel. Otherwise I can't sleep well.

Judy said...

Hi Amy, I hear you. Since Holiday Inn has revamped their rooms with new bedding, I find I can get by w/o my own pillow.