Sunday, September 30, 2007


Guy loves crabs! We had a crab party on the 4th of July and today we had a 2nd crab party. Guy cleans the crabs before steaming them -- it makes them easier to eat. Two tables were set up with newspaper and each person had their own "crab plate" and mallet, designed and made by Guy. These little plates are so cute, but also practical, because they provide a hard surface on which to crack the crabs, instead of tearing the paper table covering up. Guy would like to sell these plates/mallets. If you know of anyone who loves crabs and would like to buy some, please email me. They are handmade of solid wood, and each "plate" is hand drawn and colored with non-toxic permanent paint. 7/19/08 update. There is a new crab plate for sale. See for details.

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