Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Guy and I both agree this was our last garage sale....at least until stuff piles up again. I can't believe how hard I worked getting ready for it, organizing a multi-family event, typing up a list of addresses with highlights of sale items, then distributing copies to mailboxes on several streets in our development, as well as area businesses, posting on craigslist.com. and finding and tagging hundreds of articles for sale. The night before I awoke every hour on the hour, worrying that the alarm wouldn't go off. I finally got up at 5, and went on pure adrenalin for the next 7 hours. The Architectural Control Committee people in charge of the signs in our development said they've never seen so many cars in Greenbrier at one time. They just kept coming. It was an amazing turnout.

The bake sale went well. I had this mental image that people would come in and say something like, "I've been waiting for this bake sale for so long and I just have to have your wonderful baked goods." Instead they hemmed and hawed and finally bought something. So it went in pieces, a little here a little there, but it all went. No one raved and said they died and went to heaven when they took a bite, but they paid their money and took their cookie or muffin. By 12:00 I was sold out. I hope they were all happy, and I may never know. No one has called me and said, "Wow what a great muffin (or cookie), I just have to have more."

I am happy that I can bake again now that there's room in the freezer. But I'm still getting over the garage sale. When adrenalin rushes the way mine did, the drop is pretty severe afterwards. In addition, I'm in the planning stages for a trip to Tennessee next week to see my sister and brother-in-law. We'll be going to Reidsville first, to see our son, then on to Knoxville, then to Asheville and back home. So as soon as I can get back to normal (whatever that is), I will get back in the kitchen and come up with some new recipes. Oh, and most of the garage sale items sold also. So, all in all, we're pretty happy to have an empty attic, empty freezer and a little extra cash for our trip.

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