Wednesday, September 30, 2009


You may have noticed (I hope) that I’ve been working on upgrading my blog. Since I’m somewhat of a technophobe, it’s been an uphill struggle. Many hours of research, trial and error, and some successes have produced less-than-spectacular results. I know, I know. I could have just hired someone. But this is my effort in educating myself on html code and on the mechanics of blogs. Once I get it all down, I probably will hire someone to get me a more professional look.

My latest small success is printable recipes. You’ll only see the latest two recipes for now, but I’ll add this feature on all new posts and slowly move backwards through the remaining unprintables on this blog.

I researched three different ways to do printable recipes, and tested each out. All three ended in dead ends for me for various reasons. Finally, I found simple instructions on how to do this at Food Blog Alliance. I know this is not a big deal to someone who is computer savvy, but for a technophobe like me, it's cause for celebration! If you print any of my recipes and find errors, please let me know so I can fix them. Otherwise, enjoy my new feature, and I’ll continue to work on upgrading this site with my very limited computer skills.


Barbara Bakes said...

I need to do something like this for my site. Great idea!

Valerina said...

The Food Blog Alliance is a great place to find answers to food blogging questions. Please let me know if you need any help with anything too. :)

Velva said...

I have been trying to figure out how to place a print button n my blog too. I am going to check out the Food Blog Alliance link that you have provided. Thanks!

Lynda said...

Your blog looks great, Judy! I've been wanting to do this to my blog too, but I've been so busy lately.
I'm just going to have to make time.

Sophie said...

You have done a great thing!! My husband did the Printable recipes for me bacause I am also a techno foob.

Well done!

Coleen's Recipes said...

VERY nice recipe page upgrades!!

Debbie said...

I will have to give this a try also, but I am such a dummy on the computer!!!!

Linda said...

Your blog looks great! Hey... I know code and I struggle... so pat yourself on the back, Lady!

Thanks for the info on printing a recipe... I have been researching that for days... you are a lifesaver!

Guess I have a project again... LOL

Thanks again.