Monday, August 15, 2011


Of all places to find a crab cake recipe, AARP Magazine was not on my list.  The brief story in the April 2009 issue written by author Pat Conroy's wife, Cassandra King, drew me in.  They met over food, they romanced with food, and, in her words, "Pat said his crab cakes were so good I would want to marry him after tasting them.  They were, and I did."  With that kind of endorsement I just had to try the recipe, even though I was a skeptic.  How could these be good with so few ingredients?  Where would the flavor come from?  As my hubby, The Crab Guy, and I took our first bites, we understood completely that old adage, "less is more."  The flavor?  It comes from the crab meat, enhanced by a minimum of additives.  This is the best crab cake recipe ever.

The Conroys serve their crab cakes over arugula, tossed with extra-virgin olive oil and champagne vinegar.  Sounded lovely, maybe next time.  This time, we had fresh spinach sauteed lightly in olive oil and just-picked corn on the cob.  It was a meal to die for.

Get the recipe for these unforgettable crab cakes:  Crabcakes at the Conroys'.


Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

How fortuitous is your recipe! I am definitely going to give it a try!

My husband just asked me if I had any crab cake recipes while at lunch on Saturday. I had a crab cake sandwich with a fried green tomato . . . talk about dying and going to heaven!

Have a wonderful week!


P.S. Is that a new blog header?

Judy said...

Hi Mary, No it's the same header, but I've been rearranging my blog in a feeble attempt to make it look better.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

I love Pat Conroy's cookbook. It's filled with fabulous stories and lots of great seafood recipes. Your crab cakes look delightful Judy.

Dana B said...

omg! I was on Twitter yesterday when someone commented on the best crab recipe and it was this one from The Crab Guy!! lol :)

Coleen said...

I have some frozen crab just waiting for a good recipe, thanks for sharing this!!

Coleen said...

Judy: your crab cake recipe calls for fine sea salt. All I have is coarse sea salt...suggestions on how much to add? you can reach me at coleen(at)mtaonline(dot)net
Thank you!!

Judy said...

Coleen, Try grinding or crushing your coarse sea salt before measuring.