Monday, November 19, 2007


This year, we've been invited to a friend's beach house for Thanksgiving dinner, so I don't have a lot to prepare, just the pumpkin pie. But when I looked for my old Jaycee-ette cookbook (from the 60's would you believe) I couldn't find it. It had my tried and true pumpkin pie recipe that I've used forever. Here and there I tried other recipes, but I always went back to this one, because the flavorings and ingredients worked well and everyone (including Guy and me) likes it. I've searched high and low and cannot find the cookbook. And unfortunately I never wrote the recipe down and cannot remember it precisely enough to duplicate it. So-o-o-o, I've spent the last two days searching the internet for a pumpkin pie recipe. I know that I don't like Libby's, and I don't like the sweetened condensed milk recipe. We don't want pumpkin cheesecake and we don't want gingersnap crusts or pumpkin chiffon. We like traditional pumpkin pie -- no nuts, no caramel, no bells and whistles, except for sweetened whipped cream on top. I've printed out about 20 recipes and tomorrow I'll make a decision. I'm hoping to also have time to make an apple pie and wanted to try Tyler Florence's ultimate caramel apple pie, but it's probably going to be more like an apple crostada instead. As soon as I get time, I will post my dessert recipe from our weekend dinner party -- it was Tiramisu.

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