Wednesday, March 19, 2008


A friend gave Guy some scrap flooring. He decided to make cutting boards with it. He saved 3 boards for us and gave the rest away. I'm not sure how many cutting boards he has given away over the years, probably more than 25. Here are the 3 he saved for us --
Here are some more cutting boards that Guy has made for us---
We bought a cutting board with a strainer for our prep sink, but it didn't fit. Guy fixed it so it fits the sink.
Here's the sink without the cutting board --
Guy also built the fireplace wall for our new house -- the TV on the left pulls out on a swivel base. The doors on the right have shelves for storage --
He also made the wooden seats for our ice cream parlor chairs --
And he built an outdoor storage cabinet for our patio --

His most favorite thing that he made is the crab plate. He hand painted the crab on each wooden plate, made holes for the crab mallet, and we use them when we have crab parties. Everyone loves them; they are practical as well as adorable. This year, he is going to use crab paper instead of plain brown paper. (Guy sells crab plates; he loves making them -- they are made with non-toxic paint. Click on "items for sale" on this blog for details.)

Guy also built this side table and finished it -- the front two legs are hand carved --
And he built cabinets for over our washer and dryer --
And he built and finished this wonderful cabinet out of curly maple wood, a very rare and beautiful wood. He learned how to produce an antique finish from a man who manufactured antique reproductions out of his barn. He made this cabinet many years ago to house our 36" TV. We no longer have that TV, and our new one doesn't fit. We wanted a fireplace wall in our new house anyway; so we bought an inexpensive computer cabinet and put it inside this cabinet. It works great. We just close the doors when we want the room to look presentable.
Guy loves to work with wood. He loves creating things. He's made and given away lots of bird houses. He builds decks, sunrooms and whatever else he can think of. I love that he loves wood. He's my guy.

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