Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Yesterday was a good day. We're adding an island to the front corner of our property to help screen the traffic. The landscaper arrived early with two men, and I had 9 big fat warm-from-the-oven-chocolate chip cookies waiting for them. I'm ashamed to say how wonderful I felt when they raved over my cookies -- it never hurts when chocolate chip cookies are warm with soft chips. As he was chomping down on his second cookie, my landscaper told me that he went to culinary school in New England, and we started to talk serious food. He wants to open a restaurant in New Bern when he gets enough money saved. After listening to his creative food ideas, I told him he could count on me to come. His men finished digging the outline of the bed and went to their next job. Reluctantly, we ended our conversation.

We had topsoil delivered. Our two neighbors/friends joined with Guy and me and we shoveled and raked, moving the mounds of topsoil to create a slightly built-up island. Walking past our property was a gentleman we see walking every day. I jokingly called out to him that if he needed more exercise we had an extra shovel. Bless him, he joined us. We learned he's a retired marine and he lives in our development. With five shovels going, we finished the dirty work before the rains came. Guy set up a fence to keep the dirt out of the street, and even after heavy downpours last night, the topsoil was where it was supposed to be when we got up this morning.

I was out early this morning for blood work and dropped off more cookies to a neighbor on the way back. There's no recipe to post today -- I'm now on my way to art class to deliver the last of the cookies. My freezer is empty of cookies. I'm sad, but my hips are glad. I hope to have a recipe for you soon, stay tuned.

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