Saturday, March 22, 2008


When I cook eggs for breakfast, any leftover veggies are game. Yesterday I made grilled sweet and white potatoes with onions, and there was a lot left over. Guy prefers using the white potatoes with eggs, and I like the sweet potatoes. There is no real recipe here. It's just cut up some zucchini and start that sauteeing in a little bit of Smart Balance buttery spread or extra-virgin olive oil; then add the left-over cut up sweet potatoes and onions. Whisk your eggs slightly with some salt and pepper before pouring them over the veggies. Put the lid on the pan, wait a couple of minutes, then carefully flip the frittata. If it breaks when you flip it, don't fret; it will still taste good. If you're a cheese lover, add it after you flip and put the lid back on to melt it. After the flip, the eggs are about done, so don't overcook them. A minute is probably all you'll need after the flip to melt the cheese and finish off the eggs. (I didn't add cheese, because this is great as is; the sweet potatoes really add something to the eggs. See, I've already had two servings of veggies today.)

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