Friday, May 9, 2008


Pork tenderloins are so good done on the grill; they're one of my faves. But the leftovers are a problem. Sometimes they get thrown out before they're used up. But who can resist a pulled pork sandwich? Gourmet magazine published a recipe for pulled pork using leftover pork tenderloin. Bingo! I'm in. It doesn't matter how much is left over. Just cover it with water, a little vinegar, barbecue sauce and hot pepper sauce. Simmer it for a while, pull the pork apart and voila - you've got your pulled pork. It's pretty easy, and amazingly good. I've reduced the vinegar because we found it just a little too vinegary. Next time I'll try Robin Miller's version, but we enjoyed this a lot. I spooned the pork onto low-carb tortillas that I spread with guacamole. I topped the pork with salsa and shredded cheese, then rolled the tortilla up and put it inside non-stick aluminum foil. I placed the aluminum foil packet in a large fry pan and covered it; cooked on medium heat for 5 minutes, flipped the packet over and cooked for 5 more minutes. Everything was nicely heated inside; the cheese had melted, and we had a nice dinner with coleslaw and beans on the side.

Gourmet Magazine's Pulled Pork Sandwich
Leftover cooked pork tenderloin
Water to cover
2 Tbsp. cider vinegar (I would reduce to 1 tsp. next time)
1/3 cup barbecue sauce (I just used Kraft Hickory Barbecue Sauce)
Hot pepper sauce to taste

In a heavy pot, combine pork with just enough water to cover. Add vinegar, BBQ sauce and hot pepper sauce to taste. Bring to a boil and simmer over medium heat, covered, until it pulls apart, about 50 minutes. (I left it on the stove for about 4 hours on the lowest heat setting.) Remove pork from the sauce, shred and set aside. Simmer the sauce until it reaches the desired thickness. Stir the pork in the sauce and spoon the mixture onto the bottom half of a hamburger bun and top with coleslaw. (Or follow my instructions above for a pulled pork tortilla sandwich.)


MIchael said...

Found your recipe today as I was searching for things to do with leftover Memorial Day ribs. Came out perfectly. Absolutely delicious with yesterday's leftover bbq sauce.

Judy said...

Michael, Thanks for the feedback. I never thought to use this method for leftover ribs, but it's a great idea.

Jason said...

Judy, thank you for this recipe, it helped rescue some left over dried out pork roast that I had.

BTW, instead of using vinegar, I used a bottle of Woodchuck hard cider. It served the same purpose as the vinegar in tenderizing, but it left a much more desirable taste.

Judy said...

Jason, thanks for that feedback, especially the tip for using hard cider in place of vinegar. Vinegar is so acidic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so Much for the recipe! Great for leftover pork. Will use again and so easy!

Judy said...

Anonymous, You are so welcome!

Isla Bee said...

What year Gourmet magazine did you get this from. I cannot find it online to pin it. (What did I do before pinterest? I don't want to lose this!) Did you ever try Robin Miller's version?

Judy said...

Isla Bee, I actually got it from the Food Network site. It's no longer on the site. Unfortunately, I do not know what issue of Gourmet published the recipe.