Friday, July 18, 2008


I love lamb chops. Not the shoulder chops -- they're for braising. The lamb chops that are like little T-bone steaks, cut 1-1/2" thick and grilled till rare. IMHO, they are better than steak. They're not cheap, but oh, are they good and worth the extra bucks.

Lamb chops don't need a lot of embellishment to make them good. The flavor is already built in. So they're a simple and quick entree to prepare. Most of the time, I just salt and pepper them and grill them. But this time, I did my "steak" trick with them. I coated them with some
EVOO and minced fresh garlic along with the salt and pepper and let them sit out at room temp for 15 minutes before grilling them. Perfection.

You don't need a recipe for this. Just be sure you only turn them once on the grill, and don't overcook them. I get the grill good and hot (425-450F) and turn the middle off. Be sure your grill maintains the hot temp after the middle is turned off. Put the chops on the turned off section. That way, they won't flare up and get too black. I do mine about 5 minutes each side, but it really depends on how thick the chops
are. Use a meat thermometer to
determine doneness. You want it to
register about 125F when you take them off. Remember, they'll keep cooking. Let them sit a few minutes while you get the last-minute things on the table. Then dig in and enjoy!

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