Friday, January 9, 2009


Every Wednesday, I look forward to reading our local newspaper's food section. Most of the time, I'm disappointed with the recipes listed. But, occasionally, I find a gem. This recipe, posted in November, originated from EatingWell magazine.

I had 1 egg white left over from something I made, and this recipe was perfect for using it-- that is, after I cut it to 1/3. (The original recipe called for 3 egg whites. ) You're going to need your kitchen scale for this one, (to weigh the chocolate and nuts) and the recipe as I've adapted it only makes 9 cookies. (I've printed the full recipe below.)

These babies rock! Thanks to the nuts, they're nicely chewy on the inside, with just enough chocolate to satisfy your chocolate craving. They're sweet, but don't hurt your teeth. I didn't have the cocoa nibs called for but I didn't miss them. It's not often you find a satisfying low-fat cookie, so this is one to put in your recipe bank.

Lava Rocks
Adapted 1/3 Batch from Eating Well Magazine
Rating: 10 out of 10

INGREDIENTS: 3/4 cup 10X (powdered) sugar
2 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder (I used Hershey's)
2 tsp. all-purpose flour
pinch of sea salt
1 large egg white, room temperature
1/4 tsp. vanilla paste (or pure vanilla extract)
2.3 oz. pecans, well chopped and toasted
1/2 oz. bittersweet chocolate, grated

Preheat oven to 325F. Line baking sheet with parchment paper. In a large bowl, combine sugar, cocoa, flour and salt. Beat in the egg white using low speed of electric mixer. Add vanilla and beat for 1-1/2 minutes on high, scraping sides of bowl. Fold in pecans & chocolate. Spoon dough by heaping tablespoonfuls onto prepared baking sheets, about 2" apart. Bake till dry and glossy on surface, but soft at centers when pressed, 15-17 minutes. Cool cookies in pan for 5 minutes, then transfer to wire rack to cool completely. Yield: 9 cookies.

Here's the full recipe:
2-1/4 cups 10X sugar
6 Tbsp. cocoa powder
2 Tbsp. flour
Generous pinch salt
3 egg whites
3/4 tsp. vanilla paste or 1 tsp. vanilla extract
7 oz. pecans (about 2 cups)
1-1/2 oz. bittersweet chocolate
4 tsp. cocoa nibs (I omitted)


Sara said...

These look great, and very chocolatey. Even better that it's low fat!

Barbara Bakes said...

I love that it only makes 9 cookies. It really helps when trying to watch my weight!

You have a wonderful blog. I had fun exploring it today. I have added you to my blog list!

Anonymous said...

I love Eating Well - I have their EatingWell Diet book - it has some great recipes!

Thanks for sharing this one!

Sophie said...

These are a real treat :), the chewy texture on the inside sounds delicious!

Lynn said...

This one looks like a winner! Printing it out right now :)