Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Here's a quick, easy pizza dough crust from Robbie's Recipes that got nothing but rave reviews on the website. I started this dough at 4:30 pm and was eating pizza by 5:30 pm! How's that for fast? It's not my favorite pizza dough recipe, but for a last-minute dough, it's not bad, either. You can make it by hand or with a mixer. Since I have a 475 watt KitchenAid mixer, I opted to go modern.
Whole Wheat Thin Crust Pizza Dough
Adapted from Robbie's Recipes
Rating: 7 out of 10
INGREDIENTS: .25 oz. pkt. active dry yeast
1/4 tsp. granulated sugar (I used honey)
3/4 cup 110-degree water (It should feel comfortable on the inside of your wrist.)
1-3/4 cups white whole wheat flour (orig. recipe calls for all-purpose flour.)
1/2 tsp. salt (I used sea salt.)
1 tsp. olive oil (my addition)
toppings and sauce of your choice
Dissolve yeast and sugar (or honey) in water; allow to rest for 8 minutes.
Combine flour and salt in large bowl.
Pour yeast mixture over flour mixture and mix well with heavy spoon (or mixer or dough hook.)
Turn dough onto floured surface and knead for 2 minutes.
Working from edges to centr, press dough into 12" circle.
Place dough on lightly greased pizza pan and stretch dough to edges.
Spread sauce over crust and top with cheese and desired toppings.
Bake in 500F oven 8-12 minutes, or till edges are golden.


Donna-FFW said...

Hi Judy- Just wondering what is your favorite pizza dough? This one looks real appetizing.

Selba said...

I love pizza especially the thin crust, never have enough of it :)

Judy said...

Donna - My favorite is Wolfgang Puck's. It's on my blog under Pizza. You have to scroll down. But I'm still experimenting. Love to try new recipes.