Sunday, March 1, 2009


Why did God make key limes so small? I bought a bag of Melissa's key limes on clearance at my local Harris Teeter store. For $.89, they were a bargain, and they were full of juice -- 2/3 cup to be exact. But juicing them wasn't fun.

I thought it would be fairly easy. After all, I'm an experienced kitchen person. I know that citrus fruits should be at room temperature before squeezing, so the juice releases. No need to nuke them then. And I had the perfect kitchen tool: a juicer.

But my first attempt failed miserably. The juicer works great for regular-sized lemons and limes. But not for these little key limes. The little limes are too little for the regular-sized juicer.

So I pulled out my $2.67 Wal-Mart special lime juicer. The juice came out easily, but some of the seeds got clogged in the holes -- I had to clear the holes out before continuing. The juicer was just the right size for the limes to fit in and be crushed.

How to Squeeze a Key Lime
1. Have limes at room temperature.
2. Do your zesting first; it's easier when they are whole.
3. Use the right tool for the job. Wal-Mart has an inexpensive lime juicer that works great.
4. Have patience; there are a lot of little limes to juice; it takes time.
5. Watch the seeds -- they tend to clog holes. Pick them out so the juice can go through.


Sara said...

I love key limes, but they sure are a pain to squeeze!

Anonymous said...

Great price on the key limes! I find that if I microwave limes first its easier to juice them too.

Hope you had a good weekend!

Barbara Bakes said...

Who knew you could buy a lime juicer at Walmart - thanks!