Thursday, August 21, 2008


There is nothing like a fresh, flavorful summer tomato. Guy's cousin, Dominic, grew the tomato we ate tonight. New Jersey is known for its wonderful tomatoes -- thanks to the cool nights and hot days. North Carolina summer nights are too warm for tomatoes to really develop properly. We've been eating North Carolina tomatoes for 15 years and enjoying them. But every once in a while, like last week, we experienced tomato nirvana again with a Jersey beauty. A fruit this fresh and flavorful deserves a simple treatment.
Here's how: Cut the tomato in pieces and place in a dish. Salt and pepper them to taste. Mince some garlic; finely chop some scallions, fresh basil and parsley and scatter them over the tomatoes. Toss with extra-virgin olive oil and vinegar of your choice. (I used Tarragon vinegar this time.)
Do this about 1/2 hour before you eat, so the flavors have time to develop. The tomatoes will start to give off their juices. While you prepare the rest of your dinner, occasionally, tilt the dish, and spoon the vinaigrette over the tomatoes. Refrigerate any
leftover tomatoes. Dee-lish.

The big one pictured to the right forefront is now gone. Only 3 left.

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