Friday, November 26, 2010


I like to cut most of the turkey meat from the bones right after dinner, separating out what we'll eat in the next two days.  It's not a good idea to keep cooked turkey in the fridge past 3 days, counting the day it's cooked.  The bones get frozen if I'm not making soup in the next day or two, along with a package of the meat that will go in the soup.  I usually have two packages of bones and two packages of meat for the bones.  Additional packages of meat would be for casseroles or pot pies.

Here are some of my favorite ways to use up turkey, but note that the recipes listed might be for chicken.  Just substitute turkey, as the two are interchangeable.

Turkey or Chicken Tortelloni

Turkey or Chicken Pot Pies for Two
Favorite Turkey or Chicken Salad
Turkey or Chicken Bones Soup
Tomato-Turkey or -Chicken Vegetable Soup 

(No picture for this favorite old standby soup that is both comforting and delicious.)

I hope your Thanksgiving was a memorable one, filled with good food, friends and family.  


Diane said...

Great selection of ideas here. Diane

chow and chatter said...

great recipe ideas will share Rebecca

teresa said...

excellent leftover ideas!