Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Our second day in Waynesville started better.  Clyde’s diner, our usual breakfast place, was closed, but we were pointed towards a good substitute:  Huddle House.

Huddle House (2)

The restaurant appeared clean, and cooking was done on an open griddle in full view. 
Huddle House (3)

Our orders arrived quickly and were cooked to our satisfaction.  Eggs were not  greasy, sausage was tasty and moist.   We were feeling better about Waynesville.
Huddle House (4)

First we drove to our son and DIL's in Hot Springs.  They proudly showed us their new baby chicks that are growing faster than normal from all the TLC they're getting.
David's (4)

I'm not surprised that each chick has been given a name, because as David and Mandy told us, "They each have their own personality and special markings."  Hopefully, next time we visit, the chicks will have reduced the ubiquitous bug population.  We headed out to Asheville.

Earth Fare, a fast-growing grocery store chain selling mostly organic food  at less-than-premium prices, was our first stop.  This was a treat for me, since Earth Fare has no stores near New Bern.  My cart quickly got loaded up with items that are either not available in our town or at lower prices.  Steel cut oats, sea salts, farro, whole-wheat pastry flour and sesame seeds could all be purchased in small or large quantities at fabulous prices.  Callebaut chocolate was available in blocks.  Organic vinegars could be had at less than half the price we would pay in New Bern.  We limited our purchases to items that would keep unrefrigerated until our return home sometime the next day.  $41 later we carried our treasures to the car and carefully guarded the only fragile item, the chocolate, to ensure it didn’t melt in the heat. 

On to Asheville’s WNC Farmer’s Market
farm mkt

Asheville has no less than 14 farmer’s markets.  All but WNC are open only one day a week.  WNC is open daily and is the largest.  Two long enclosures are loaded with produce, meats, dairy, honey, preserves and other items.  Compared to our small farmer's market in New Bern, this one was gigantic.
farm mkt (2)

So far, our Monday had put me on a high.  Things were definitely going well.  Our stomachs reminded us it was lunch time, so we headed to 12 Bones. 

To be continued….


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I would like to take a walk through that farmer's market. Diane

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

As you say, things are definitely looking up Judy.